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A unique innovation from BVS

Benefit from vastly reduced life cycles, lower complaints, up to 60% cost savings and a truly independent and transparent approach to the validation and management of subsidence insurance claims.

BVS provide market leading solutions for insurance companies in the field of claim validation and management. For too long subsidence has been shrouded in unnecessary complexity, with needlessly protracted claims leading to rising customer dis-satisfaction and increasing costs.

Our subsidence service brings a fresh, tailored approach to solve these issues - a unique blend of independence, transparency, skilled subsidence professionals and cutting edge Metrix™  IT -  in order to deliver the optimum solution for insurers, brokers and  customers.

In addition, we also provide other related services:
  • Subsidence Risk Surveys – for properties with previous history of subsidence to confirm that the property is currently stable and to identify the potential risk for future movement
  • Fracking surveys - Low cost before/after condition surveys for the benefit of drillers, homeowners and their insurers

To find out more about the BVS Subsidence services, contact us on 01204 328620.
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