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Dispute Resolution Service

achieve speedy resolution

The Building Validation Solutions team has the necessary skills to arbitrate issues involving policy liability, adequacy of repair scope and quality of repairs.

The combination of our technical skills, independent status and bespoke resolution process enable us to resolve disputes quickly and effectively thus increasing customer satisfaction and minimising complaint escalation.

We believe that BVS offer a unique dispute resolution service that is not available elsewhere in the market.

 Key Benefits of using BVS

  • Impartial service
  • Quick and effective resolution resulting in reduced administration costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced complaint levels
  • Highly skilled management and surveyor teams
  • Bespoke processes and IT solutions designed to meet your requirements
  • Simple but flexible pricing structure

How do we achieve quick and effective resolution?

  • Where multiple parties are involved we arrange an appointment convenient to all the parties required on site
  • We aim to achieve resolution on site wherever possible, subject to your requirements
  • Signed agreements are documented at the time of our visit
  • Where on site resolution is not possible we provide an agreed action plan signed by all relevant parties

How do we save you time, hassle and cost?

  • Our detailed reports include our findings, together with supporting photographic evidence, the resolved issues and an action plan for any outstanding issues
  • A detailed scope of repairs and associated costs is provided where the resolution involves further works, or rectification of works
  • A dedicated case manager is assigned to each case until full resolution is achieved
  • The progress of the claim, together with all documentation can be viewed on our unique web portal system
To book a demonstration or for more information, please call us on 01204 328560 or use the contact form provided.
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Reduced Claim Life Cycles
We aim to attend claims within 3-days of notification