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The Case for Independent Validation

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The selection of appropriate suppliers to manage buildings claims can create a dilemma for insurers.

The validation of low value building claims has typically been performed by contractor networks, building claim validation companies, or a combination of both.

Contractor networks that are engaged to both validate and repair frequently compromise not only the claim decision and scope of repair, but also the offering of choice of fulfilment route.

On the other hand, where the fulfilment route involves repair, the majority of validation companies are not sufficiently technologically advanced, or indeed flexible enough to work effectively with contractor networks in order to provide a customer focused solution.

So what is the solution?

High quality independent validation, carried out effectively, with the right technology, can address the issues that insurers are currently facing.

What are the benefits of independent validation and audit?

Contractor networks and their panel contractors have a vested interest in maximising both the repair value and profit margins.

The effect of their impartiality may result in:

  • Claims being agreed / partially agreed where there is no policy liability
  • Over-scoping of repairs
  • Creation of additional work by associated drying companies
  • Restricted choice of claims fulfilment for the customer

High quality independent validation minimises claims leakage arising from incorrect claim decisions and over-scoping and also facilitates real customer choice.

Commercial pressures driven by competitive schedules of rates with deductions for managed network fees can result in:

  • Poor workmanship
  • Use of poor quality materials
  • Subcontracting of work
  • Fragmented repair process
  • Extended repair life cycle

Independent audit is essential in identifying these issues to enable insurers to manage the quality of repairs to their customers' property.

Is independent validation really necessary if we operate a robust audit regime?

Independent post-works audit is essential to correctly control repair quality and assess whether repairs have been carried out in accordance with the scope of works. In most cases, however, it is not possible to assess whether the correct claim decision was made or whether the scope reflected the insured repairs. A combination of post-works and pre-works audit can satisfy many aspects; however, the co-ordination of pre-works audit is extremely challenging and is likely to impact on customer service. Above all, even a 100% audit sample will not provide the level of cost control achieved by independent validation.

The only effective solution is to separate claim decision making and scoping of insured repairs from claims fulfilment.

Why not trial our service?

BVS provide a truly independent, first-rate, building validation service, where IT and customer focus are key ingredients. We recognise that contractor networks and other restoration suppliers have an important role to play in the fulfilment route and have the flexibility to include them in our solution. Whereas many building validation companies may be inflexible, operating with outdated IT systems, BVS has the desire, skills and IT capability to integrate and interact with insurers' chosen providers. This approach enables us to truly partner with insurers and work effectively on their behalf to offer true customer choice.

The cost of our service is far outweighed by the savings that we are able to make on claims costs. This can easily be demonstrated by comparing average claim costs with and without our service.

Our audit product is designed to assist you in obtaining the best value from your chosen contractor network. The BVS surveying team has the skills and specialist knowledge to correctly assess scope of repair, quality of repair and repair cost. We also have the management skills to assist contractor networks in identifying and implementing improvements to their process and service delivery.

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