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BVS Restore

Introducing BVS Restore


As a trusted supplier to many of the UK's leading insurance companies, BVS provides innovative cutting edge solutions in the field of building claims validation and management.

Applying our tried and tested IT, processes, expertise and ethos, we have developed a brand new approach to managing claims involving water damage where assisted drying is required – BVS Restore.  This new service cuts drying cycle times by up to 70%, reducing the overall cost of claims and vastly improving the customer journey.


Why is a new approach required?

Around two thirds of household building insurance claims involve an element of water damage – a statistic that is on the rise. There are a number of key factors causing this increase:

  • Lifestyle changes – wooden floors, wet rooms, under floor heating, the rise of DIY
  • Climate – impact of climate change, warmer wetter winters and more localised flood events
  • Renting vs buying – more people renting, a lack of maintenance and the number of unoccupied properties is resulting in an increase in claims
  • Construction changes – conversion of commercial properties into residential dwellings has resulted in more high-rise multi tenanted homes with high pressure water systems and plastic push fit pipes


The BVS Solution

BVS brings its highly successful claims model to deliver an advanced cost effective and market leading service to claims where there has been water damage, resulting in an extremely effective and enhanced service for these types of claims.

Our innovative approach to claims where assisted drying and restoration is required ensures a smooth and efficient process. This includes:

  • Design and specification of the most appropriate drying regime for the individual property and claim circumstances
  • Managing any enabling strip out works to facilitate drying
  • Developing and managing a programme of drying works to ensure optimum claim lifecycle and cost control
  • Managing any subsequent destructive strip out to allow repairs to be completed
  • Controlling all aspects of the contents claim, working with our clients' chosen suppliers to ensure the claim is settled quickly and efficiently in line with their customer philosophy


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